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STAAR Testing Dates

2022-23 Tentative Benchmark Testing Dates for Grades 3-6
Benchmark Testing #1 - Sept. 12-20
Benchmark Testing #2 - Dec. 5-13
Benchmark Testing #3 - March 6-14
STAAR Testing Dates for Grades 3-6
These dates are set by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) for Grades 3 - 6.

● April 18-28, 2023 - Reading Language Arts (RLA) Grades 3-6
● April 25-May 5, 2023 - Science - Grade 5
● May 2-12, 2023 - Math - Grades 3-6
Note that the testing dates above are new.
The STAAR redesign required by HB 3261 (2021) has implications on many
aspects of STAAR administration. Not only are there new item types, a
writing assessment, and online testing, but the testing calendar has

Prior to this school year, STAAR administrations were organized by grade
level. Beginning this spring of the 2022-2023 school year, STAAR
administrations will be organized by content area, with all STAAR tests
assessing a given content area grouped together within the same
two-week window regardless of the grade level assessed
. Grades 3-8
STAAR and STAAR EOC adding language arts (RLA) tests will be
administered first, then the science and social studies assessments, and
finally the math assessments.
Testing Tips:
Remind your child the importance of doing his or her best.
Get a good night's sleep
Avoid any stressors in the home if possible
Eat a good breakfast
Encourage, encourage, encourage!